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Oxide Decal Collection

Collection of Olive Bowls
Collection of Small Dishes
Collection of Tall Pourers
Small & Tall Pourers
Small & Tall Pourers
Small & Tall Pourers
Decal Cups
Decal Pourers
Collection of Small Pourers
Collection of Olive & Small Bowls
Close-up detail of Olive & Small Bowls
Inside Olive & Small Bowls
Large Decal Bowl
Large Decal Bowl
Decal Collection Ensemble
Decal Collection Ensemble

The Oxide Decal Collection is inspired by combing the shoreline for lost treasures and sea-worn pottery. The collection imbues a sense of Chinoiserie or patterned ceramic tiles worn under foot, conjuring memories of a forgotten tea service from childhood or a beloved Victorian artefact. The mosaic-like appearance evokes a new story each time the pieces are used, intriguing the observer and allowing them to create their own story.

Each piece is made from porcelain and finished with clear and coloured food-safe glazes, creating pieces which can be used and enjoyed everyday. The forms are hand-thrown on a potters wheel and the surfaces treated with layered oxides, decals, slips and imprints, making each piece unique.

Earthenware Collection

Babyccino Set
Beaky Jug in orange
Bowl in orange
Curve Dish in orange
Curve Dish in purple
3 Bowl Detail
Earthenware Collection
Heart Dish in yellow
Heart Dish in green
Teacup in blue
Toast Rack in white

I am fascinated by the way our cultural references and social activities which surround eating and drinking effect the tableware choices we make. Creating pieces which can be used and enjoyed everyday, bringing a sense of ceremony and meditation to a familiar activity – such as drinking the first cup of tea of the day.

The inspiration for this collection comes from many places: modern Architecture, which is influential in the shaping of the larger sculptural dishes; nature and the coastline such as the spiral of sea shells, to the curved sail of a boat gliding through the ocean; all assimilated into the shapes of these tableware designs.



About the Artist

“ The way an object feels to hold and use are important considerations while creating work. My aim is to capture the fluidity of the raw clay within the finished pieces ”

Helen studied Art and Design at Loughborough College of Art, specialising in ceramics and gaining a B.A. Honours. Her studies continued by attaining a place at the Royal College of Art, graduating in 1995 with a Degree of Master of Arts.

Helen lives and works in Devon and is a selected member of Make Southwest (formerly the Devon Guild of Craftsmen) and widely exhibits throughout the UK.